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Just imagine...
Imagine you speak one of the 4,000 languages that the Bible has never been translated, published or distributed in! Imagine what that would mean to you!

Imagine not having the faith, hope or comfort which lifts from the pages of the Bible!
Imagine someone, somewhere without His life-changing Word...

Two hundred years ago, something happened which provoked good Christian men and women to imagine those very things. And it all began with the need for...

One Welsh Bible...
In the year 1800, a Welsh teenager named Mary Jones walked 25 miles across the rugged countryside of Wales to buy a Bible in her own language. She had worked for six years to make buying that Bible possible - but when she finally arrived at the village of Bala - the only Bible available had been promised to another. Mary was devastated.

This story has a happy ending, however - because thanks to one kind Christian man - a Mr. Thomas Charles, Mary Jones finally got her Bible. But Mary's difficulties in securing a Welsh Bible spread abroad in church circles in the United Kingdom and her story galvanised Christian men and women to action.

The Bible Cause...
Christians suddenly realized that there were countless languages in the world and that very few people had the scriptures for themselves in their own tongue. People in Britain became very determined that no person - anywhere - should be without a Bible in their own language. Not if they, with God's help, could do anything about it! Raising the human and financial resources to get the job done became known as the "Bible cause."

In a short time these motivated people formed co-operative groups called Societies. These Bible Societies lived and breathd to translate, publish and distribute the Bible so that each person from Bala to the ends of the earth would have the Word of God. The missionary movement of the late eighteen hundreds accelerated the need as the Christian message spread to the ends of the earth.

Someone is Waiting...
Christian sources like SIL tell us that there are more than 6,500 languages in the world today. At the time of the famous walk by Mary Jones, the Bible or part of the Bible had been translated into only 67 languages.

The annual Scripture Language Report 2003, published by the United Bible Societies says the Bible is now available in 414 languages. One year ago, the number stood at 405. The report says parts of the Bible have now been translated into 2,355 languages compared with 2,303 a year ago. Over the same period the number of languages that have gained a complete New Testament is 34, bringing the total to 1,068 worldwide.

Together we can get the job done!
Here at the Canadian Bible Society we will never forget the story of one Welsh girl who desperately wanted a Bible but couldn't have one until she had saved for six full years.

With your help, we are determined to ensure that the Mary Jones of this world will get the Bible in their own language and at a price they can afford.

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