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National Distribution Programs
Bringing the Scriptures to Canadians

Translating, publishing and distributing the Holy Scriptures without doctrinal note or comment in languages the world's people can read and understand, and at prices they can afford, has been the goal of the Canadian Bible Society and its forebears for almost 200 years.

In Canada the Bible Society distributes Old and New Testaments, complete Bibles and other biblical resources in English, French and more than 120 other languages - a number that is growing and that includes 23 Native languages.

Through its national distribution programs, the Canadian Bible Society reaches out to Canadians in ways that meet their specific needs.

The Canadian Bible Society is part of the United Bible Societies' international effort to see that all language groups in the world have access to all or parts of the Scriptures - currently these are available in 2,355 of the 6,000 identified languages. In 2008, together with 145 national Bible Societies around the world, we distributed 380 million Scripture items in total.

These Scriptures are offered in a variety of formats and media - pamphlets, individual Bible books, whole Testaments and Bibles; in print, and in audio and video formats.

In 2008, the Canadian Bible Society distributed...

247,077 Bibles
175,233 New Testaments
85,206 Scripture Portions
2,050,749 Scripture Selections

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