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New Canadians

The Bible has played a pivotal role in shaping Canada and is an important part of our heritage. That's why the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) provides New Testaments and Psalms in either English or French to people taking the oath of citizenship. New Canadians should have access to Scriptures in a non-threatening fashion - a new and wonderful freedom for people from countries where religious persecution is a grim reality.

For people like Gaga Sahota, who came to Canada from India with her husband, receiving a Bible meant a whole new life:

"Since I have accepted Christ, I find that I do not have bitterness in my heart; I always forgive people, I don't get upset over things and I have peace in my heart and happiness. If you had given me a million dollars before, I would not have had happiness. Now with Christ in my heart, I have total peace."

In May of 2004, the Canadian Bible Society was informed by Senior Citizenship Court Judge, Michel Simard, that notwithstanding a previous agreement with the Citizenship Commission, the Bible Society would no longer be permitted to display or distribute Bibles at citizenship court ceremonies (see press release and article for further details). The Society wrote to Judge Simard in the hope that this unfortunate decision might be reversed, but no reply to this inquiry was ever received.

In compliance with the Citizenship Commission’s orders, the Canadian Bible Society no longer presents God’s Word at citizenship court ceremonies, but many districts still make these Scriptures available to those taking the oath of citizenship through their local Bible Centres.

To find out more about scriptures for new Canadians, please contact your District office.

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