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Approximately 60,000 military personnel 'stand on guard' for Canada and her interests every day. The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) is committed to making the New Testament (Contemporary English Version) a basic part of their equipment, for those who request it.

For Major Ed Wlyey, Senior Brigade Chaplain with the 2nd Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, the CBS Bible he received when he first joined the Canadian forces is his only "weapon," one that the troops with whom he serves regard as an essential part of his equipment.

"That Bible is dog-eared and worn, but it's been to the Arctic and Cyprus with me," says Major Wlyey. "It's been by my side during 32 parachute descents."

That Bible, like the chaplain to whom it belongs, has the respect of the troops and is a vital aid to "keeping the prayer lines open" for Major Wlyey as he serves with young men and women embarking on often dangerous duties around the world.

CBS's commitment to the Canadian Armed Forces starts with young cadets who are offered a pocket-sized New Testament during their summer camps, as are members of the Reserves. The CBS also works with military chaplains, and offers New Testaments embossed with the Canadian Coat of Arms to regular forces recruits.

The New Testaments travel with Canadian personnel around the world, to locations where peace has not been known for years or even decades. Providing New Testaments to the military sometimes opens doors for the CBS to assist Bible Society work in those countries, helping local churches, government agencies, schools and other national groups.

To find out more about scriptures for new Canadians, please contact your District office.

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