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Students and Scholars

For hundreds of men and women attending Bible colleges and seminaries across Canada, access to biblical resources in the original Greek and Hebrew is a key to academic and spiritual success.

The Canadian Bible Society District Directors offer Bibles in the original languages free of charge to individuals and entire classes of students who intend to undertake full-time religious work. Many students attend school at great personal sacrifice and so this gift of the Scriptures in the original languages is a help and encouragement. It often makes a difference to how well students will be prepared for their future ministries.

"Thank you for your generous gift of the Greek and Hebrew Bibles! I always wanted my own copies so I could read the Scriptures in the languages they were written in. Both Bibles have been a great help, and it is good to know what Jesus and the apostle Paul said and how it was actually presented."
Joelle Ambroisine
(Martinique) B.T.S. (hons),
Toronto Baptist Seminary
"I have been greatly helped by both the Greek and Hebrew Bibles. I use the textual apparatus for Greek exegesis and have used both books in my personal devotions. I have also found the dictionary at the back of the Greek text to be very useful."
Francis Williams (Grenada) B.Th.
Toronto Baptist Seminary
"I am very excited about continuing to learn in Greek so that I may understand the Scriptures even better. The gift was very much appreciated and will be used for many years to come!"
Amanda Corbett, Student
"As anyone who has attended seminary can tell you, the words "books" and "seminary" are virtually synonymous. Books are the tools-of-the-trade for those of us who aspire to be a Bible teacher or preacher. Thank you, Canadian Bible Society for the generous gift to me of the Scriptures in Hebrew and Greek."
Francis Kyle (USA) Th. M Toronto Baptist Seminary

To find out more about Bibles for students and scholars, please contact your District office.

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