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You Can Help Us

 Volunteer Opportunities:
Want to get more involved in the Bible Society? Consider becoming an Area or Congregational Representative.

Or, you may be interested in being a Coordinator of special events such as Festivals of Praise, Golf tournaments, Proclamations, manning the CBS displays at conferences and fairs; for example: The International Plowing Match and Toronto Mission Fest.

For more information contact the .

 Stamps For Scripture:
Please send or bring us your cancelled stamps. One pound of cancelled stamps is purchased by a friend of the Society for the equivalent cost of producing a Bible. Posters and instructions are available by contacting the .

 Used Bibles:
Many individuals and churches in our district are asking for used Bibles to give away. If you or your church have used Bibles or New Testaments to donate to the Canadian Bible Society, please call us at 416-689-3437, , or drop by our store at 10 Carnforth Road in Toronto. The Bibles are always needed and help to further our vision to reach every person with the life-giving Word of God.

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