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We Can Help You

 Scripture Selections:
We have materials for adults, youth and children to meet a wide range of needs. A number of selections available in other languages, including French, Spanish, Persian, Punjabi, and others. These selections are available on a donation basis.

 Devotional & Study Aids:
Daily reading guides for the year, permanent reading guides, and our Prayer booklet that describe our world involvement.

 Worship Bulletins:
Free bulletin covers are available for your Bible Society service or event.

 Bible Society Videos:
Videos featuring the work of the Society in Canada and around the world are available upon request.

 Ministry Editions:
Many of our Bibles in English and some in French are available at 20% discounts when purchased in case lots. Details available from the District Office.

 Presenting the Word at Baptism:
Congregations are invited to appoint one of their own who is passionate about the Scriptures to serve as a congregational representative for CBS. This allows us to have a foot in the door with the local church, sharing our mission and vision, celebrating God’s Word in the church. In return, we offer age-appropriate Bibles for parent-child dedications and baptisms that happen in the congregation, presented by the congregational representative during the service.

 Bible Discovery Seminars:
Our District Director offers seminars on discovering the Bible for the first time, or once again for the first time, exploring basic principles that help people understand the history of the Bible, how to find things in the Bible, and what to do with the many different versions that exist. He is also happy to prepare seminars on other biblical topics as may be helpful to the local church.

 Partnership New Testaments:
The Canadian Bible Society produces a “partnership edition” New Testament (or New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs) that congregations and ministry organizations can customize (cover, several inside pages) for use in reaching the community with God’s Word. The partnership edition is quite inexpensive when purchased in quantity. Contact the District Director to learn more.

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