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Stories – testimonies of how the Bible has made a difference in Central Ontario District

Sometimes we wonder whether the work we do for God’s Kingdom has any effect at all. It does, and often in powerful ways. One of our national staff, Tanika, found that it was one of our Scripture Selections – “Where To Look In The Bible” – that led her to the point of making a decision to follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Isn’t that amazing? God made the circumstances such that a friend’s timely gift of that simple selection made a difference for eternity. Our work truly does matter!

We give away millions of selections each year. Our district office has a wall dedicated to the display of selections, which are taken by people who love the Lord to give to people who need his love. They cost us about a nickel apiece to make, so we always welcome donations to cover our printing costs. It’s stories like Tanika’s that remind us of just how important the work of Scripture distribution and engagement really is.

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