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Director's Outlook

Marvin Busenius
North Alberta District Director

The North Alberta District Director is Rev. Marvin K. Busenius. Marvin grew up in Edmonton and has the heritage of a strong Christian family that includes representation in three major denominations.

Sensing God's call on his life, he prepared for ministry by attending university and seminary. After seminary, Marvin served two local congregations prior to spending 28 years as a church expansion specialist - consulting with congregations facing strategic questions related to their expansion plans. His experience with congregations in many denominations was valuable preparation for his current ministry with the Bible Society.

Marvin has a passion for ministry and a great desire to serve the church. He has a love for people and deeply values helping leaders fulfill the vision God has for them. He says, "My personal mission is to help individuals fulfill the mission to which they have been called."

Marvin brings strong leadership qualities to the churches in his district and he is available to preach when asked to do so. He also brings a wealth of experience as a seminar leader in the areas of leadership development and in lifestyle evangelism. Marvin is available to serve your ministry and his office is located in the CBS bookstore making him very available.

Marvin is married to Priscilla and they have one married daughter, Jannell, who lives with her husband Josh in Baltimore, Maryland.

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