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Click here to download our latest district newsletter, "Seed for Thought - Winter, 2004". [ pdf format - 190 K ]

Dedication of the Dogrib New Testament
"What a joy to be able to give for the first time a Bible to someone in their language." [more]

Bike for Bibles Peace River 2003
10 riders challenged the High Prairie to Slave Lake route for Bike for Bibles. [more]

Bike for Bibles Edmonton 2003
The Edmonton ride was a great success in spite of wind, rain and cold. [more]

Bike for Bibles Northern Experience 2002
This was our first attempt at a longer ride. While only 4 cyclists took on the adventure, more than $4,000 was raised as a result of their efforts. [more]

Bike for Bibles Peace River 2002
Many thanks to both churches for their great support and encouragement! [more]

Bike for Bibles Edmonton 2002
An estimated $10,000 was raised in our first bike ride for 2002. And it's not too late to join in for the August event! [more]

Walk for the Word 2002
Over $800 was raised -- thanks to these four dedicated walkers!. [more]

Bibles For New Habitat For Humanity Home Owners
The Canadian Bible Society joined up with this humanitarian organization in Edmonton. [more]

Bike For Bibles 2001 - Report!
Riders raise support for Bible Society work in the Ukraine. [more]

Walk For The Word 2001
A collection of original pewter panels were on display at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church this month. [more]

Annual Gathering A Success!
The work of the Canadian Bible Society in Northern Alberta was celebrated. [more]

Bibles For Students
The Canadian Bible Society supports students in their studies of the Biblical Languages. [more]

God's Word Does Not Return Void!
Inner City from Pedro Schultz, Street Pastor for Christ Love Ministries. December, 2000. [more]

Reflections On Egypt
The Bible Society in Egypt is moving quickly to not only spread the Word of God but also to raise funds from the people of their country for the Bible cause. [more]

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