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Proclamation, the Word of the Lord, happens in communities across Canada, including right here in Northern Alberta! For those of you unfamiliar with Proclamation, it is a 10-day event during which the Bible is read cover to cover. Readings take place over a 14 hour period each day with the exception of Sunday when the readings last 8 hours.

In 2004, we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the British & Foreign Bible Society. To mark this special occasion, the Canadian Bible Society is encouraging all communities across Canada to participate in Proclamation 2004. It is our hope that the Bible will be read by Christians and the public at large from coast to coast to coast. The enclosed brochure gives some details on the programme and how you can begin the process of planning now.

We are asking communities to join us in marking this significant anniversary by planning a Proclamation event at either the pre-Easter period (March 24- April 2) or the Pentecost period (May 19-28). However, if either of these dates does not fit in with other events in your community, feel free to choose a date which does. We are trying to have as many communities participate on either of the two suggested dates to maximize the impact on the people of Canada that the Bible is being read right across the country.

You will notice that there are 2 possible events: Larger communities are encouraged to read the whole Bible over a 10-day period. Smaller communities may choose to read the New Testament and Psalms over a 9-day period (evenings during the week and afternoon and evening on weekends) or the Gospels and Psalms over a 4 or 6 day period. All languages are encouraged as well as all ages and ability of readers. A number of communities may choose to do it as a relay event as was done in some communities in Labrador. The main goal is to proclaim God's Word and give everyone an opportunity to hear what God has to say to this world and its people. We would encourage you to begin your planning as early as possible. Planning kits are available and the District Director is most willing to visit your community and ensure that you get all the support you need to make this event one that will be most meaningful to everyone involved.

Planned Events: 

Proclamation 2004
  • Fairview
  • Beaverlodge
  • Spruce Grove/ Stony Plain
  • Edmonton (March 23-April 1, Cornerstone Community Church, 7120-109 St.) [photos]
  • Yellowknife, NT
  • Hay River, NT (April 14-22)
  • Ft. Vermilion
  • Ft. Saskatchewan
  • Haines Junction, YK
  • Whitehorse, YK

Click here to download a sign-up form (PDF format).

In 2002 northern Alberta held six Proclamation events. Click here to view some Proclamation pictures from the Edmonton & area events (2002).

Proclamation Peace River...

From May 1-9, the churches of Peace River held their first ever Proclamation.

Because of the size of the community, they decided to read the New Testament and Psalms. It was the first time it had ever been tried in Alberta, possibly Canada. It was a tremendous success with everyone ready to do it again next year.

Libby Sandercock was a super chair gathering the support of everyone to make the event run smoothly.

Pastor LaVern Waldock gave an inspirational message at the closing service with many personal stories of distributing Scripture in India with her husband. The group had chosen to support the work in Turkey. At the closing service, many people shared how Proclamation had touched their lives.

Readings were done in English, French, German, Afrikaans, Tagalog, Korean, Latin, Dutch, Friesen, Hungarian, Swahili, Spanish and Sign Language.

Proclamation Chair - Libby Sandercock.

Proclamation Chair -
Libby Sandercock.
A mother read while her daugher (deaf) signed a passage.

A mother read while her
daugher (deaf) signed
a passage.

Pastor Lavern Waldock delivers the message.

Pastor Lavern Waldock
delivers the message.

Proclamation Grande Prairie...

Starting on May 8th, the churches of Grande Prairie began their first Proclamation.

Already encouraged to begin planning for next year, the group is thoroughly enjoying the experience. Their event will end on May 17th with a Festival of Praise planned for May 18th at Bethel Baptist starting at 7 p.m.

Bert Hunt - one of the coordinators & reading captain.

Bert Hunt - one of the coordinators & Reading Captain.
Beth Baptist

Bethel Baptist - Host Church
Reading as a family...

Reading as a family...

Proclamation pictures from 2001:

@ North Edmonton Christian Fellowship Church
Click to view photos from this event!

@ St. Luke's Anglican Church
Click to view photos from this event!

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