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Free Distribution Projects

 Citizenship Court
All new citizens are invited to receive a complimentary copy of the New Testament.

 Prison Ministry
At the request of local chaplains, we support Scripture needs at the federal, provincial and local levels. Both full Bibles and New Testaments are provided. We even supply Bibles in languages other than English and in large print whenever a request is received. As well we are providing special New Testaments for work with youth.

Military chaplains have access to Scriptures with a special cover for all serving members of the armed forces.

 Hebrew & Greek Scriptures
All students studying Greek or Hebrew receive a complimentary copy of the text. For Greek students, it includes a dictionary. For Hebrew students, it is the Biblia Stuttgartensia that includes many critical notes useful for higher studies.

 Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for humanity invites the Bible Society to present a Bible to families who receive homes through this programme.

 Support for the Blind
With the cost of a New Testament in excess of $1,000 US, the Bible Society provides a complimentary copy of the New Testament in Braille or a set of the New Testament on tape to any person who is legally blind and submits a request.

 Support for the Deaf
A series of videos have been produced using ASL which cover selected parts of the Bible. As well, the Bible for the deaf is available. To receive a subsidized copy of the Scriptures for the deaf, please contact our office.

 Translation Projects
We are active partners in translation projects both in Canada and around the world. Our partnerships with Wycliffe, SIL and other organizations has helped greatly to not only increase the number of languages covered but also to develop better ways of communicating the Word of God.

 District Projects
Local ministries such as Hope Mission, Mustard Seed Church, women's shelters and other outreach ministries often suffer from having to do so much with so little. One way in which the Bible Society can support such ministries is through providing outreach Scriptures. As funds are available to us, we are able to increase our distribution.

Subsidized Distribution Projects

 Bulk Outreach Editions
Local churches and ministries can receive Scriptures at significant discounts when they purchase outreach editions in quantities of 24 or more. Such editions are available in a wide range of versions in English, French and Spanish in both New Testaments and full Bibles.

 Missions Partnership Programme
Planning a mission trip? Find out how your group can double its distribution.

Other Projects

 Stamps for Scriptures
Save your used stamps and send them to us. We sell them to collectors for $8 a kilogram. (Poster available from District Office)

 Recycled Bibles
Send us Bibles you are no longer using and we will distribute them to inner city and other missions.

 Volunteer Link
Consider becoming a Congregational Representative to build a stronger link with our ministry.

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