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The Canadian Bible Society publishes a Daily Bible Reading guide each year. There are three ways you can receive our guide from this web site.

1. Sign up for the Daily Bible Reading Daily e-mail

For many of us, our time on the computer is the quietest time we have all day. That's why it makes sense to have the Daily Bible Reading waiting for you every morning in your email. It just takes a couple of minutes to read and the benefits could last all day - or for eternity.

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* Note: You may also unsubscribe using this form. Simply enter your email address and "un-check" the subscription you would like to cancel.

You may not read every Daily Bible Reading - but the ones you do read will bless you. We trust that you will enjoy these Bible passages which are from the easy to read Contemporary English Version. Click here to view a sample..

For your interest, at the end of each Daily Bible Reading we include links to important news stories about how the Bible has changed hearts and lives around the world.You will also find links to free Bible materials that will build your faith.

2. Download the Daily Bible Reading Guide in PDF format.

Daily Bible Reading Guide
English Protestant edition download PDF
English Catholic edition download PDF
French Catholic edition download PDF
Spanish Protestant edition download PDF
Spanish Catholic edition download PDF

3. Request a print copy of the guide for 2009 to be sent to your home. Click here!

May God bless you richly in Christ Jesus, today.

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