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Free Materials

Below are the current free offers available to you from the Canadian Bible Society. You are welcome to request any or all of these with our compliments. (Please note: these offers are only available in Canada. International orders can not be sent.)

Daily Bible Reading Guide 2009
Where to Look in the Bible

Through the Bible in a Year

How our Bible Came to Us

This convenient Daily Bible Guide will fit in your pocket or purse. (Available in 3 languages, and Catholic & Protestant versions.) French language is Catholic only. This guide is a handy reference to over 200 Bible passages indexed by story, parable, miracle etc. A very handy and easy-to-use guide with readings from the Old and New Testaments for every day of the year. You can start any time you want! This booklet gives you a short history about how our Bible came to us over the past two millennia. A must-have resource.



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