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Free Tools for Webmasters

Dear Webmaster,

We are pleased to share our resources with you. These web-based Bible tools will help you to attract more people and develop repeat traffic to your web site.

There are several linking options - from text links to animated banners to syndicated content. Simply click on the links below to add the features you wish.

Canadian Bible Society - Support the Bible Cause by adding a link which connects your web site to our home page.
Daily Bible Reading - Connects to our popular Daily Bible Reading. A new Bible passage is sent by email every morning.
e-Cards - Add a link to our e-Cards, and offer a FREE service to your web site visitors!
Bible Quiz - Add a link to the latest Bible IQ Quiz.
e-Scriptures - Add a link to our e-Scriptures, and share the Word of God through Flash movies.
Today's Scripture - Include this javascript code on your web site to automatically display a new Scripture verse each day. Provided in the Contemporary English Version (CEV).
Word for Today - This link streams a daily, fresh, one minute audio Bible reading to your site visitors.
Bibles Canada - This link connects to our on-line store where we have Scriptures for adults, youth and children, in more than 100 languages - including those of Canadian indigenous peoples.

Link to the Bible Society and help spread God's eternal Word.

To stay up to date on our free web tools, please enter your e-mail address below. A window will pop up with information about all of our current e-mail lists, including the Tools for Christian Webmasters update.

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