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Dear Friend, There are many resources here to help build your faith.

Bible Quiz - Try out our fun new quiz feature to test your Bible knowledge. New quizzes will be featured every month.

e-Cards - Send a free e-Card to someone you care about, today. Each card includes a beautiful photo and scripture verse, and we have cards for Birthday, Get Well, and Encouragement.

Daily Bible Reading - Sign up to this free e-mail list, and have a new Bible passage sent to your in-box every morning. Passages are in the Contemporary English Version (CEV) of the Bible.

e-Scriptures - Watch and share these interactive Flash scripture movies. Available in English and French.

Free Materials - Request free Bible pamphlets from us.

Scripture Selections - These pamphlets are published by the Canadian Bible Society and contain selected illustrated Bible passages. Download them in PDF format, free!

Today's Scripture - Read a new Scripture verse each day, in the Contemporary English Version (CEV). Publishers, webmasters & other media are encouraged to use this content with our compliments.

Free Tools for Webmasters - These web-based Bible tools will help you to attract more people and develop repeat traffic to your web site. There are several linking options - from text links to animated banners to syndicated content.

Word for Today - Word for Today is a daily one-minute radio program that we distribute free to stations across Canada.Here, you can listen every day over the internet!

History Bits - "History Bits" are quoted from a book series published by the Christian History Project, and include interesting facts about the Bible and Christianity.

Links of Interest - These links to other web sites will help you locate information about the Bible and churches in Canada and around the world.

May God Bless You!

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