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Links of Interest

Most of the sites we have listed here are either involved with Bible translation, publication or distribution. We cannot —at this time— offer listing individual churches because of the number of churches. However we have listed portal type sites where large lists of church links are found.

The (links listed) are provided for your information only. By including a link here, the Canadian Bible Society does not necessarily endorse (any particular group or) groups, nor are we responsible for the content (published on any of these sites or the sites which they are linked to on the World Wide Web.)

We do hope you find these links helpful to locate information about the Bible and churches in Canada and around the world. Please contact us if you have questions or want to suggest a link.

Bible Societies Around the World
Bible Related Sites
Christian Ministries & Organizations - Canada
Christian Portal Sites - Canada
Christian Publishers
Print/Web Media - Canada
Radio Stations - Canada
Television Stations/Programs - Canada
Denominational Links - Canada
Miscellaneous Links
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