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Proclamation: The Word of the Lord

Runtime 4:43 min

God speaks to us through the Bible and what better way to understand God’s Word than to read the Bible from cover to cover out loud. Proclamation is a short video that documents people’s enlightening experience reading the Bible as a community.

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Changing Hearts Changing Lives

The Bible Cause - Runtime 1:33 min

What is the Canadian Bible Society? - Runtime 6:10 min

Our Work With Those Who Are Disassociated...

Beyond Prison Bars - Runtime 7:06 min

Our Missionary Work to Revive the Spirit

Revival: A Missionary Venture - Runtime 6:17 min

Proclamation: The World of the Lord - Runtime 4:43 min

A New Day Of Hope - Runtime 5:47 min

Miracle in China - Runtime 6:02 min

Cuba: A Revolution of Faith - Runtime 6:30 min

Our Missionary Work with Translation

Translation: A Missionary Device - Runtime 5:31 min

The Contemporary English Version of the Bible - Runtime 3:08 min

God Speaks My Language - Runtime 5:30 min

Mission in Indian - Runtime 7:13 min

Our Work in Third World Countries

In the Third World - Runtime 6:41 min

Voices from Peru - Runtime 4:41 min

Ethiopia Today - Runtime 6:16 min

Light of the Amazon - Runtime 6:28 min

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