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Planned Giving
A Responsible Choice

Gift Planning is one of the most important ways friends of the Canadian Bible Society help us accomplish our mission.

Gift planning is simply using estate planning methods to make a charitable gift that maximizes the tax and estate benefits to you and your family, and that also greatly enhances the work of the Canadian Bible Society.

The Development Department can offer, arrange and administer gift annuities, loan agreements, endowment funds and gifts of insurance policies and marketable securities.

The right choice of Planned Gift depends on your particular circumstances and goals. But the central theme is the same: making a deliberate and careful choice about the resources you have built up during a lifetime of work, careful management and good stewardship.

 The benefits...
By planning your gifts, you can support the ministry of the Canadian Bible Society more generously than you could through spontaneous decisions.

By planning, you can make a promise for today and tomorrow -- to ensure that the Society's ministry will be financially prepared to meet the ever-growing need for God's Word throughout the world.

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