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January 16, 2006

Attn: Religion, Music, Arts, News, Features, Lifestyle Editors

New CD Features Canadian Christian Artists with Songs Inspired By Scripture

TORONTO — The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) announces the release of a unique compilation CD of Canadian artists singing original songs inspired by Scripture. Good News Celebration features 15 Canadian Christian artists from coast to coast representing various musical styles and traditions. The deliberate use of Scripture is the common thread that weaves the selections together.

The artists range from the well known to the about to be discovered in the CD designed to help the Canadian Bible Society celebrate it's 100th year of ministry distributing, translating, publishing and encouraging the use of Scripture in Canada and around the world.

Winnipeg-based Steve Bell is a Juno award winning singer and guitarist featured on the CD. "Coming at Scripture through the lens of art allows for nuances of understanding and insight," says Bell, "So much of the lyrical content of my music is taken from the Scriptures; it just seemed pretty obvious I should happily lend a track to the Bible Society's festivities."

Other musicians featured on the CD, available at CBS bookstores across Canada, include B.C. based Brian Doerksen, Tabitha Lemaire from Quebec and First Nations singer Cheryl Bear. Bear's featured song is The Lord's Prayer sung to an indigenous big drum, hand drums and a distinctive rhythm that Bear hopes will "bring a new emotion and emphasis to The Lord's Prayer."

The CBS represents different Christian traditions on the CD, as well as varied musical styles. "We have pieces that are very contemplative and one that is a hybrid between native music and rock. We have the Psalms softly spoken over a stirring bed of music," says executive producer Peter Fleck. "There is everything from pop, folk and rock to classically-oriented and country tunes."

Good News Celebration, named after the theme given to the 2006 centennial year celebrations of the Canadian Bible Society, has selections in both official languages of Canada and "something for everyone. I also really like the fact that we have a mixture of both better known artists as well as those waiting to be discovered," says Fleck.

The CD is now available in Christian bookstores, Canadian Bible Society stores and through the CBS' on-line bookstore, www.biblescanada.com.

Peter Fleck, Executive Producer


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