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January 30, 2006

Attn: Religion, News Editors

Canadian Bible Society hosts ground-breaking conference

WOLFVILLE, NS — In an age when some would say the Bible is irrelevant, one of Canada's oldest inter-confessional ministries intends to show the opposite is true.

Proclamation Symposium to be held May 16-18, 2006 in Wolfville, N.S., will bring together Canadian biblical scholars, theologians, clergy and laypeople for a groundbreaking conference on the practical use of the Bible in the life of the Church.

This conference is hosted by the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) and is a key event in the 2006 centennial celebrations of the CBS.

Bruce Fawcett is director of youth and family ministries for the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches and a presenter at the conference. "In my presentation I hope to answer the question of whether reading the Bible really makes a difference in an adolescent's life." Fawcett intends to use his own data gained from youth who attend youth groups and compare those who regularly read the Scriptures privately with those who do not.

"We will examine topics such as how the Bible relates to the growth and mission of the Church, the role of the artist, the teaching of children, youth and adults, the recruiting and training of leaders and more," says Rev. Wayne McCarther, the CBS district director for Nova Scotia and one of the event's organizers.

The conference has been especially designed to inspire, inform and encourage the "people in the pew-the committed Christian who wants to learn more," says McCarther.

The conference will feature plenary presentations from leading academics, workshops full of practical application, all set in the beautiful campus of Acadia University in one of Nova Scotia's most picturesque towns. "There will be something for everyone," says McCarther, who is encouraging early registrations for this conference.

Rev. Wayne McCarther, district director


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