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February 11, 2009

Attention: News, features, lifestyle, religion editors

New Poverty & Justice Bible Highlights Issues That Connect With Today's World

February 11, 2009 Toronto, ON — A new Bible which connects Scriptures with some of the biggest issues of our day has been launched in Canada by the Canadian Bible Society (CBS).

The Poverty & Justice Bible is the first ever to highlight more than 2,000 passages that speak of attitudes toward poverty and injustice. Challenging the notion that the Bible is a dusty, outdated rulebook, it shows that - on global issues that confront us now - the Bible got there first.

Bible Societies around the world realize that poverty and injustice are two of the biggest issues of our day - challenging the minds of politicians and social activists around the world. The imbalance of global wealth, famine, water shortages, exploitation and corruption are all issues that evoke outrage and demand attention. But The Poverty & Justice Bible shows that, in speaking out on these issues, God got there first.

The Poverty & Justice Bible highlights - literally - that the Bible has something to say about issues that resonate with our culture. This Bible connects with the very fabric of today's world, with all its problems and messiness - and it has something powerful to say.

The idea to develop The Poverty & Justice Bible was born out of a comment by U.S. pastor Rick Warren, who said that if Christians don't speak out against poverty and injustice, they lose their credibility. U2 lead singer Bono also said, "It's no coincidence that in the Scriptures, poverty is mentioned more than 2,100 times. It's not an accident. That's a lot of airtime."

The British Bible Society staff and experts spent months scouring the Contemporary English Version (CEV) Bible, locating verses relating to poverty and justice. After weeks of debate, they were left with more than 2,000 sections. From Genesis to Revelation, almost every page emphasised just and fair behaviour.

The Poverty & Justice Bible also has a focus on 'doing' by helping today's Christians link social action with Scripture. Produced with support from aid agency World Vision, it includes a 32-page study guide written by bestselling authors Nick and Claire Page. Topics range from equality to education, farming to Fairtrade.

The studies highlight that concern for the oppressed is foundational to faith, and they encourage action - from giving, to praying, to living responsibly."Our goal is for the world to realize that God's Word is life-giving and not just full of rules and irrelevant stories that are not for today's culture," says Canadian Bible Society's National Director, Ted Seres.

Poverty and justice have always been on the heart of God. The Bible is not full of old-fashioned ideas. The Bible has something to say about life and, in fact, there's nothing on earth that we can experience that the Bible doesn't tackle.

The Poverty & Justice Bible is available at www.biblesociety.ca and at www.biblescanada.com.


About the Canadian Bible Society:

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) has been in existence for more that 100 years, to promote and encourage - without doctrinal note or comment - translation, publication, distribution, and engagement with the Scriptures throughout Canada and the world. Because the Bible's life giving message of forgiveness, justice, and hope is needed to transform the lives of people everywhere, CBS distributes Scripture resources in English, French, and 100 other languages. Together, with 145 national Bible Societies worldwide, 300 million Scriptures were distributed last year.

10 Carnforth Road, Toronto, Ontario M4A 2S4, www.biblesociety.ca

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