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Press Releases

Press Releases

March 29, 2004


TORONTO — The Canadian Bible Society has teamed up with Visual Bible International, producer of the critically acclaimed film, The Gospel of John, to bring the film to Canada's Christian community.

The film, hailed as "superior to almost all religious films ever made" by the Toronto Sun and "a handsome, polished production with textual integrity" by the Globe and Mail, is a word for word adaptation of the Good News Translation of the Bible.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Bible Society becomes the exclusive distributor of The Gospel of John on DVD and VHS to the Christian community in Canada, and can negotiate licensing arrangements with churches for public showings of the film.

For churches seeking quality congregational activities - especially at Easter time - this is a great opportunity without exorbitant costs. In fact, churches can recoup their licensing costs simply by purchasing a number of DVD or VHS copies of the film which they can resell to their own congregations. For example, a congregation of 150 people must purchase a mere 8 copies at $59.99 for a total of $479.92 to offset their costs and be permitted to show the film publicly up to six times in a twelve month period.

"In many ways, the Gospel of John Project brings the Canadian Bible Society back to its roots," says David Duncan, coordinator for the project. "Bible Society work began in Canada in 1804 with the Gospel of John, when it was published for the first time in the Mohawk language. Now, 200 years later, the Canadian Bible Society is once again bringing John's Gospel to Canadians."

To purchase copies of The Gospel of John on DVD or VHS, visit www.biblescanada.com.

For more information about arranging public showings of the film, click here or call 1-800-465-2425.

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