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May 6, 2009

Attention: News, features, lifestyle, religion editors


Toronto, ON - May 6, 2009 — When a group of churches gathers to read the full text of the Bible aloud and in public - from beginning to end - with no doctrinal note or commentary, it is a very powerful thing. In over a 100 Canadian cities each year, a growing number of churches have discovered the Canadian Bible Society event called Proclamation.

The full text of the Bible will be read aloud, over the first two weeks of May, in the cities of Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario. The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) branches in these cities, have been presenting Proclamation locally for approximately 10 years. In Hamilton, Rev. Scott McNaughton of St. Stevens on the Mount, Anglican Church told the Mountain News that, "It's open for all Christians and non-Christians to hear and take what they want from it, or what they need from it. Sometimes the people listening to the readers are so moved that they ask for an opportunity to read as well."

In Brantford and Brant County, 45 churches are participating in this year's Proclamation event at St. Luke's Anglican Church. At this gathering, more than 400 readers will proclaim God's Word aloud, from over thirty versions, and in various languages. Curt Harrison, President of the CBS Brantford Branch says, "The Proclamation readings have been put together so that they lead people through the Bible in a very meaningful way. We don't just start in Genesis and read all the way straight to Revelation. The readings are structured so that each hour we read from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Psalms."

After many years at the Brantford/Brant County branch, Curt indicated that, "Proclamation is a very important thrust of this CBS branch, and we've had an unbelievable response from the community. Over the years, we've even had churches on waiting lists in order to participate in this life-giving event."

Dennis Hillis, CBS District Director in Hamilton says, "Proclamation brings the Christian community together across denominational lines, and it impacts the community at large as people from various churches partner together around the proclamation of God's Word."

For additional information about Proclamation or to host this event at your church, please contact the Canadian Bible Society, whose goal is to share The Word. For Life. with individuals and communities all over the world.


About the Canadian Bible Society:

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) has been in existence for more than 100 years, to promote and encourage - without doctrinal note or comment - translation, publication, distribution, and engagement with the Scriptures throughout Canada and the world. Because the Bible's life giving message of forgiveness, justice, and hope is needed to transform the lives of people everywhere, CBS distributes Scripture resources in English, French, and 100 other languages. Together, with 145 national Bible Societies worldwide, 391 million Scriptures were distributed last year.

10 Carnforth Road, Toronto, Ontario M4A 2S4, www.biblesociety.ca

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