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Press Releases

Press Releases
Canadian Bible Society Announces New "Bibles Canada" Website

TORONTO, Ontario, May 28, 2002 — The Canadian Bible Society announced today, the newest addition to its on-line family of ministries – the Bibles Canada website. This new website provides Canadians with the opportunity to purchase Bibles or portions of Scripture, at affordable prices, in the language of their choice.

The Bibles Canada website, www.biblescanada.com, is one of three web-based ministries operated by the Canadian Bible Society. Together with www.biblesociety.ca, and www.biblenetworknews.com, the new site works to further the four-fold mandate of the bible society, (i.e., to translate, publish, distribute and encourage the use of the Scriptures).

“We felt it was important to take advantage of some of the current technologies in order to present the widest possible array of our products to the greatest number of Canadians,” said David Duncan, Distribution Manager for the Canadian Bible Society. “Not everybody in this country has access to the Scriptures through traditional retail outlets.

Approximately 75% of professing Christians do not visit Christian bookstores. In moving beyond conventional distribution channels, we are providing an easy, cost- effective way for all Canadians, even people in remote areas, to access our products.”

The Bibles Canada site features easy navigation, secure, uncomplicated ordering and a varied product line of Bibles, New Testaments, audio Scriptures and Bible software. Customers can choose from a wide-ranging inventory for adults, youth, children and novice readers. The site also includes many different versions of Scriptures and bilingual Scriptures in modern Japanese/English and Chinese/English. Plans for the near future are to make scholarly publications available, as well as Scriptures in over 100 foreign languages and almost two dozen Canadian aboriginal languages.

“We’re making it relatively easy for consumers to access an exceptional spectrum of Scripture-related materials,” said Duncan. “The only additional cost to them is the shipping cost – which probably works out to less than it would cost them in gas to drive to a retail outlet.”


The Canadian Bible Society, (headquartered in Toronto, Ontario), translates, publishes and distributes the Bible throughout Canada, and has Bibles, New Testaments and other Scriptures available in 111 foreign languages as well as 23 Canadian aboriginal languages. Formally founded in 1904 and chartered in 1906, the Canadian Bible Society is a member of the United Bible Societies, a fellowship of 137 national Bible societies around the world. The societies work in partnership with churches and other Bible agencies to facilitate and support translation work around the globe.


David Duncan, Distribution Manager
The Canadian Bible Society
(Day) 416-757-4171
/ www.biblesociety.ca

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