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Press Releases

Press Releases
Canadian Bible Society Elects New Chair to Its Board of Governors

The Rev. Canon Christopher Pratt, (left) accepts a lighted candle from outgoing Chairman of the Canadian Bible Society Board of Governors, Rev. Robert Thompson. The candle symoblizes the Light of the God's Word.

TORONTO May 29, 2001 Members of the Board of Governors, the national governing body for the Canadian Bible Society, have spent the past few days working at the Society's Toronto offices. The Governors, representing Bible Society Districts across Canada have elected a new Chair, the Reverend Canon Christopher Pratt.

Pratt is also the representative of the Society's Central Ontario District Board where he has served for the past seven years. He is Rector of St. George's Anglican Church in Owen Sound, Ontario. Outgoing Chair , Rev. Robert Thompson expressed warm congratulations to Pratt, saying, "Our best wishes and prayers are with Christopher as he settles into his new role."

Thompson symbolically passed a lighted candle representing the Light of God's Word to Pratt to mark the occasion.

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Bible Society Scripture distribution 1998-99
Bibles: 4,864,724
New Testaments: 8,151,289
Portions: 1,250,891
Selections: 1,015,026
"I am excited at the incredible possibilities that are opening-up for the Society here in Canada," said Pratt. "It is such a privilege to reach out to a growing Canadian Society with it's rich mixture of ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity. I look forward to the days ahead as the Board and management work together to ring God's Word to even more people here at home and around the world."

The Canadian Bible Society translates, publishes and distributes the Bible here in Canada and around the world in partnership with the United Bible Societies - a fellowship of more than 120 national Bible Societies around the globe. The Bible is now available - in complete or partial form - in a total of 2,261 languages, an increase of 28 languages since 12 months ago.

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