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June 12, 2006

Attention: News, Features, Religion, Lifestyle and Family Editors

Canadian Bible Society Launches Engaging New Web Site for Children

TORONTO, ON — In the midst of its 100th anniversary year, the Canadian Bible Society (CBS), is reaching out to a new generation in a new way, with the launch of an innovative, interactive, fun-filled web site for children called BibleKids.ca.

Through kid-friendly music, colourful animation, Bible adventure stories and games, BibleKids.ca will engage youngsters with the Old and New Testament Scriptures.

"The Canadian Bible Society is committed to reaching children with the Good News contained in Scripture," says CBS National Director, Phyllis Nesbitt, "because we believe in the power of the Bible to change hearts and lives."

"It is our hope that this new web site will enable children to see, hear and interact with the Bible in such a way that they will develop a love for God's Word."

When children visit www.biblekids.ca, they can listen to a Bible story as they colour a picture illustrating the same story. They can watch an entertaining music video that teaches the biblical account of God's creation. They can play a guessing game to identify a "mystery person" from the Bible by uncovering clues and hints, or they can participate in interactive adventure stories from the Old and New Testaments. To encourage children to pursue Scripture exploration with their families, all adventure stories begin by telling visitors where to find the story in the Bible.

"Biblekids.ca is a web site that even preschoolers can navigate through and interact with on their own," says CBS Web Coordinator, Robert Everitt. "While we encourage parents to explore the site with their children, we've used both auditory and visual cues throughout the site making it possible for pre-readers to get as much from the experience as older children."

"We hope that parents will see BibleKids.ca as a tool they can use in cultivating a love for Scripture in their children," Everitt adds.

Developed in consultation with parents, teachers and children, the site also includes tips and tools for parents. BibleKids.ca conveys the Bible accurately, attractively and understandably. Scripts are based on Scripture using the Contemporary English Version and Good News Translation as guides. "We're not striving to speak for God to kids, but to pass along His message," says Everitt. "It is our desire that BibleKids.ca will enable children to have fun as they grow in their relationship with God and grow in their love for the Bible."

BibleKids.ca is the latest addition to the CBS family of web sites, which includes the award-winning main site, www.biblesociety.ca and its French language version, www.societebiblique.ca, the on-line bookstore www.biblescanada.com, and the news-oriented site, www.biblenetworknews.com .

The Canadian Bible Society translates, publishes, distributes and encourages the use of the Bible throughout Canada and the world. Chartered in 1906, the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) formed when 14 regional auxiliaries of the British and Foreign Bible Society in Canada (dating as far back as 1807) joined together.

The Canadian Bible Society is a member of the United Bible Societies, a fellowship of more than 140 national Bible societies around the globe.

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Robert Everitt, Web Coordinator

www.biblesociety.ca /

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