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October 22, 2008

Attention: News, features, lifestyle, religion editors

The First Complete Dari Bible for Millions of Afghans

For the first time ever, the full Dari Bible is available for Afghans to read. After approximately 20 years of work, closely supervised by the United Bible Societies, the complete Dari Bible is now ready for Afghanistan.

Afghans in Afghanistan and other parts of the world can now own a Bible in their own language. Twenty-five years ago the Dari New Testament was published. However, for the Old Testament, Afghans had to rely on an Iranian translation, which was very difficult. In 2007, the Dari Psalms were printed and distributed, and now the complete Old Testament is available.

The Canadian Bible Society played a significant role in getting this new Bible to print. Hart Wiens from CBS says, "This is a really great and long awaited project. We are so delighted that we could have a part in helping to make this Bible a reality."

The United Bible Society asked Jeff Klassen, from the CBS, Kitchener, Ontario office to take the lead for support on Arabic script language projects. Dari was his first major challenge in that role, and he was very instrumental in typesetting the Psalms. The use of the ICAP computer tools not only made it possible to get this Bible published, but now it will also assist Pamir Productions in their work with ongoing projects in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This is what Afghan believers say about this new translation: "When I read the New Testament in the Dari language, I feel it belongs to me and is for me. The new full Bible in Dari is a great gift and tribute for me and my fellow countrymen."

Dari Bible facts:

  • General introduction and introductions for every book of the Bible
  • 1710 pages and 12 coloured maps
  • Sturdy burgundy vinyl cover
  • PDF downloads at www.afghanbibles.org

The United Bible Societies are working closely with partners in this effort to see the Dari Bible distributed as widely as possible, and they are in the process of establishing a Dari Bible committee to work on future Scripture publications. Some things that are being created include a children's storybook, 25 Favourite Stories from the Bible, followed by 101 Favourite Stories from the Bible.

Does God love Afghans? Of course He does! But how will they know unless we help them receive His life-giving Word? Please pray that God's Word in all languages will continue to empower those who diligently seek Him.

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