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For : August 2-29

Pray for Bible Society Work Around the World

Russian Federation: We thank God for the success of our distribution to thousands of schools and Sunday Schools and for our relationships with Russian churches of all denominations which are becoming stronger and more effective. Pray for the completion of the first Chuvash Bible; making the Chuvash only the second nation here to have a Bible in their own language. Ask God’s blessing on the completion of the Bible in contemporary Russian in 2010.

Ukraine: Pray that our annual Bible Day celebration will lead people to a better understanding of the importance of the Word of God in their lives and encourage them to study it and apply it to daily life. Ask, too, that God will lead us smoothly and constructively through a time of reorganisation and that he will guide us in the construction of a new office in Kiev.

Belarus: We thank God for providing funds for our projects aimed at reaching people in need. We praise him, too, for strengthening ties and developing co-operation with the Roman Catholic Church and for the completion of the translation of the Bible into Belarusian. We ask the Lord to provide funds for publishing the Belarusian Bible, to maintain our staff’s zeal for ministry and to help us develop good rdenomination.

Iceland: Give thanks for the new translation of the Icelandic Bible and pray that further editions will go well, blessing Icelanders. Pray for programs to develop Bible reading, knowledge and use and for our efforts to bring our Christian heritage more alive in our society. Remember our fundraising, so that we can help others who need God’s Word. May God help us to act wisely in our planning and our work.

Denmark: Please give thanks for the continued success of our Good Samaritan AIDS projects in countries like Sierra Leone and Swaziland and for good progress with our general fundraising. Pray that our new website will attract generous contributions to Bible work and that our online bookshop will boost Bible sales. Ask, too, that our educational Scripture material will be successful. Remember Bible work in Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Norway: Pray for our translation projects. Southern Sami is a language endangered by a scarcity of speakers and a lack of literature and we are translating passages for schools and liturgical texts for the Lutheran Church. The Northern Sami Old Testament has to unite three dialects into one language, and the revision of the Bible in Norwegian and New Norwegian will be finished in 2009. Pray for those completing this as we gather responses to our trial edition.

Finland: Give thanks for the generosity of our donors last year, which was dedicated to the 450th anniversary of Mikael Agricola, the first Bible translator in Finnish. Pray for our joint HIV and AIDS work in Côte d´Ivoire. Continue to pray, too, for our translation projects in Northern Sami and other Finno-Ugric languages in partnership with IBT Helsinki. Remember our work with Helsinki Parish Union to reach young adults who are alienated from the Church.

Sweden: We are grateful for our mission to have the Bible translated, well known and used. Give thanks for our success last year in finding new donors and supporting congregations. Pray for us as we try to develop our domestic work with new staff members and new goals, reaching out with the Bible to our country and the whole world. Pray that in future we can give more support to international projects.

Uganda: Praise God for progress with the Runyoro/Rutooro, Runyankore/Rukiga and Lumasaaba translation projects and pray for the typesetting and quality checking stages. Give thanks, too, for the opportunity to continue the Good Samaritan Orphan program and for the steady increase in distribution. Pray for translators for the Lusamia/Lugwe project, for funds to extend the Good Samaritan program and that many more people will be reached by our distribution program.

Rwanda: Praise God for our new General Secretary, for our staff team and for the relaunching of all our projects. Thank him, too, for the translation of two Children’s Bibles into Kinyarwanda and ask for funds to print them. Pray for the translation and printing of the Kinyarwanda Study Bible and for the funding and construction of a new Bible House. Ask, too, for close collaboration between Church leaders and board members in support of Bible Society work.

Burundi: Praise God for the growth of Bible work here despite various difficulties. Thank him, too, for protecting our staff while promoting Bible work and distributing the Scriptures: our country has become much safer since the signing of a ceasefire last year. Continue to pray for the publication of the revised Bibliya Yera and the completion of the Catholic Kirundi translation. Pray, too, for lasting peace and for God’s Word to transform people’s lives.

Kenya: Thank God for protecting our country during political instability. Thank him, too, for the launch of the New Gikuyu Bible and for the ‘Upper Hill Project’, a property development scheme to generate resources for Bible work. Ask that the Scriptures we distribute will bring healing and reconciliation, that God will give the board and staff strength and commitment and that there will be true transformation among Christians. Pray for missionaries serving in Somalia and for the recording of the Somali New Testament in audio format. Thank God for the completion of the Somali Bible.

Tanzania: Thank God for the growing number of FCBH listening groups, literacy classes and HIV and AIDS workshops. Ask that this growth be reflected in spiritual growth as well. Pray for strong partnerships with all Churches and for the expansion of our distribution network, especially in remote areas. Remember our fundraising activities, including our Bible-A-Month Club. Pray for peace and for the government’s efforts to fight corruption.

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