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Prayer Guidelines

When people pray for the work of a national Bible Society, they regularly remember the following topics as relevant to every Society. Before praying it is helpful to run through this list and then apply each item to the national Bible Society concerned.

Funds: Bible Societies rely on the support of churches and contributions made by individuals or organisations to maintain the supply of subsidised Scriptures, and to keep pace with the many Selections and Portions that are used in free distribution.

Membership: People and churches can become members of a Bible Society or Bible Club, and in this way the Society's funding is better established and predictable, enabling the Society to plan ahead. Societies seek to increase their membership by promoting Bible work across the country and in churches.

Staff: There are real needs for Bible Society staff who work at the national offices, for distributors and promoters who travel long distances, for translators, translation consultants and advisers who also travel and work as near as possible to the people for whom they are translating the Scriptures.

Local production (usually of Selections and Portions but some Societies print New Testaments and Bibles): Most Bible Societies have some local production, or rely on another Society to produce these Scriptures in other formats for them. Prayer is needed for wisdom and expertise in the development of this area.

Relationships with churches: This is a crucial issue for all Bible Societies, because one of their main objectives is to serve all churches. Despite divisions between different denominations, Bible work brings churches together. We need to pray that each Society is able to re-examine the way in which it deals with and serves the churches, and that it will develop awareness of this function across the nation.

Translation teams: The needs vary, from scholarly helps in a language they can use to the software and hardware needed to key in and manipulate the translated text; from electricity to power the computers to effective communication between translators and the production center. Today, the UBS tries to ensure that all main churches in an area are represented either by one of the translators or on the review committee, so that the end product is a Bible every church can comfortably use.

Braille Scriptures: Scriptures in the Braille of a language are produced wherever possible through the UBS base in Stuttgart, Germany. The service is a costly and limited one (the mere size of a Bible in Braille - 34 large volumes - is daunting) but Societies try to provide libraries and schools for the blind with complete sets of the Scriptures in Braille.

Audio and video Scriptures: Societies are becoming more conscious in today's fast-moving world, of the power of the spoken word, either on cassette or on video. The 'Faith Comes By Hearing' program developed with Hosanna is causing the Bible to have a marked impact upon the growth of churches around the world. Research into the use of the Scriptures on video and several award-winning productions are encouraging Societies to make more use of this medium.

Radio contacts: Many Bible Societies cooperate with local Christian radio stations either in supplying Scripture material for broadcasting or in responding to requests for Scriptures received by post.

Scripture shipments: These can often be held up due to unforeseen obstacles, national boundaries, changes of law, or for many other reasons. For example, some Societies that import Scriptures face heavy duties to pay or extensive paperwork, and the delivery of precious Bibles can be delayed. Please pray for the transporting of Scriptures from production to distribution point, that all obstacles may be removed.

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