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For many Christians, Proclamation: The Word of the Lord a remarkable new experience.

But the roots of Proclamation are as old as the book of Nehemiah. There, in the eighth chapter, Ezra the priest reads the law aloud to the whole assembly of Israel, from beginning to end — and spiritual renewal followed.

Proclamation is having a similar impact today. Hundreds of participants have described how the Scriptures have spoken freshly to them during a Proclamation event. And church leaders have seen renewal in their congregations.

But Proclamation isn’t only about reinvigorating the church. It’s about public witness.

Most Proclamation events bring together congregations and parishes from many different denominations and confessions — and the co-operative spirit makes a powerful statement to the community. Even more importantly, the profile that Proclamation gives to the Scriptures is itself a strong witness to the Christian faith.

For more information about local Proclamation events, click on the area where you live.

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