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Proclamation: A powerful new book about a life-changing event.

Countless Canadians have taken part in an event that changes their lives and their churches. It is called Proclamation: The Word of the Lord—a simple idea with a profound impact. Sponsored by the Canadian Bible Society, churches of different denominations gather together and read the Bible, aloud, from beginning to end. No doctrinal comment. No commentary. Just the Word of God.

The Canadian Bible Society is gathering together the stories of those whose hearts and lives have been changed through Proclamation events in their churches and communities.
These testimonials will range in length from 250 to 1500 words. Written in the first person, they will tell the story of how a life was changed through Proclamation—how a life was changed through God’s word.

If you have a Proclamation story to tell, please submit it to the editor, Peter Fleck, care of the Canadian Bible Society. Submissions will be chosen for variety and denominational diversity. All submissions are subject to editing. Subjects that are chosen for publication will receive a complimentary copy of the book.

In 2006, the Canadian Bible Society is celebrating 100 years of ground breaking ministry bringing the Word of God to Canada and the world. The Proclamation book will help tell that story—a story of changing hearts and changing lives.

Submission deadline: August 31, 2005


Peter Fleck, editor


Proclamation Book Submissions
356 Rundleridge Dr. N.E.
Calgary, AB T1Y 2K6

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