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(Photo by Ed Peters)
Hart Wiens, a biography

Hart Wiens was born in Paraguay. His parents were German-speaking refugees who fled Russia after the Bolshevik revolution due to religious persecution. Hart completed his undergraduate studies in Modern Languages at Brock University and has a graduate degree in Linguistics from the University of Texas.

After teaching French and German in High School for 2 years he and his wife went to the Philippines as Bible translators in 1973. They spent 19 years in the Philippines where all 3 of their children were born there. Their initial assignment was with the Kalinga people, a tribe of headhunters who lived in the Cordillera mountains of northern Luzon. After analyzing the grammar and devising an alphabet to write this previously unwritten language, they began working with the people to translate the scriptures. In 1980 Hart was assigned to an administrative position as Associate Director and from 1988 to 1992 he was National Director for the work in the Philippines.

The family returned to Canada in 1992 to provide opportunities for the children to pursue higher education. In 1993 Hart began working for the Canadian Bible Society as a translation consultant under the direction of Dr. Harold Fehderau, the translation director at that time. In 1997 he began his service as Director of Scripture Translation. His responsibility in this position is to give direction to the overall work of Bible translation in Canada, especially as it applies to the languages of our First Nations communities.

Hart is committed to the goal of the Canadian Bible Society of providing scriptures for all people in a language they can understand and at a price they can afford. For him this means doing everything he can to facilitate and expedite the translation of scriptures into every viable language.

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