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(Photo by Ed Peters)
Inside Translation...
with Hart Wiens

"At Babel, God responded to the people's arrogance by confusing their languages, but at Pentecost he reversed this and allowed everyone to hear in their own language the wonderful things God has done (Acts 2.11). In Bible translation we work with God to continue this reversal of Babel so that all people will be able to respond to the wonderful things God has done." - Hart Wiens

Translating the Gospel (ongoing series)
by Hart Wiens, CBS Director of Scripture Translation
Part 1: Translation in Context
Part 2: Translation or Transliteration
Part 3: Translation and Interpretation
Part 4: Translation Across Cultures
Part 5: Translation - Primary and Secondary Senses
Part 6: Translation-Collocation Clashes
Part 7: Translation-Metaphorical Language
Part 8: Translation-Logical Connections
Part 9: Translation-Lexical Equivalence
Part 10: Key Terms
Part 11: Grammatical Issues
Part 12: Pronominal Reference
Part 13: Rhetorical Figures
Part 14: Limitations to Translation


Ojibwe New Testament
New Inuttut Heritate Bible

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Blog Entries
"The Inuktitut Bible" May 4, 2007
as seen in The Labrador Moravian blog

Contributing Writers
When Rocks Are Alive But Words Are Not Jun/2001
by Ruth Spielmann, CBS Translations

News Media
New edition in works for Inuktitut-based Bible Oct/2006
by CBC News
Bible to speak in native tongues Jun/2001
by Ron Csillag, National Post

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