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Why translate the Bible into Native languages?

People can learn concepts in a second language, but the Holy Spirit touches the heart in one's mother tongue. Time and again translators in the field have heard people exclaim, "Now God speaks my language!"

Thousands of Canadians speak the major Native languages and some Native peoples, such as the Mohawk, are now recovering their endangered heritage by teaching that language to their children. In some instances very few published materials are available. Having the Scriptures translated and published both contributes to the survival of the language and provides a foundation for further literary activity.

Some translations of the Bible into native languages already exist, but many of these are outdated. The earliest translation of a Bible Portion into Mohawk, for example, dates from 1804 and sounds strange to modern ears. When volunteer translators help prepare Bible Selections in modern Mohawk, they ensure that the translations are culturally relevant.

Check out this powerful personal testimony.

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